About Dee

I grew up on Long Island, New York, close to the sea but always craving something more: the mountains. I would spend countless hours outside playing in the grass and looking up at the trees, in awe of their size and beauty. I have been making art since I was young but lost touch with my creative side as I entered into college. In college, I dedicated myself to learning everything I could about social justice, community organizing, and the ways in which I could serve as an ally to initiate change about the issues I cared about. This led me to different parts of the globe to work with various NGO's and nonprofits, as well as live among communities that challenged me to expand my worldview.
After graduation, extremely burnt out from my undergraduate studies I decided to do an AmeriCorps term with American Conservation Experience in Flagstaff, Arizona. Having never even set up or slept in a tent before, I moved out West with the intent of learning everything I could about conservation, environmental justice, and the outdoors. I began creating again once I settled among the ponderosa pines of Flagstaff, Arizona. Making art became a process of self care for me while working in the outdoors and in the backcountry. A way for me to share with others the incredibly beautiful places I worked and lived in- from Humphrey’s Peak to the Grand Canyon. My prints, cards, and stickers range from expansive stippling galaxies to delicate wildflowers to majestic mountain scenes. Capturing the beauty of the natural world around me has become a way for me to step back and take a deep breath. My art helps me to stay present and share the places I go with the ones I love. After living in Arizona, I spent the summer as a backcountry trip guide and then moved to Colorado, which has been my home for almost three years now. Upon a few months of arriving in CO, Above the Alpine Art was born. I have been very busy since moving here- as a nonprofit Executive Director and Wildland Firefighter/ EMT for the US Forest Service, my plate is usually very full. I am currently also pursuing my Masters of Social Work. But I have made a decision to truly commit to my art and sharing the human- nature connection I so deeply feel with others. I aim to make art that inspires and shares our human connection to nature, encourages us to wander, and reminds us to always make time for creativity and outdoor adventure. 
In my free time, you can find me obsessing over very large trees, taking photos of ALL of the wildflowers (especially the yellow ones), hiking a 14er, backpacking, rock climbing, training for my first Ironman with my amazing partner Thomas, facetiming my cutie niece Aria, or playing with my two wonderful pups: Piney & Pondo (sister GSD) puppies :) 
I can't thank you enough for supporting my small business and helping me grow.